Professional Pathologist Coverage:
Our laboratory is open Monday – Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.  We have an on-call pathologist available seven days a week for after hours and weekends.  Our pathology staff, both anatomic and clinically certified, can assist with anything from an initial gross exam to final diagnosis, consultation or follow-up, to special stain requests.

Standard Gross and Microscopic Exams:
All specimens are examined and slides prepared at our new Maplewood laboratory by our certified P.A. and histotechnology staff.

Specimens arriving in our laboratory before 3 p.m. are processed on the same day they are received.  Microscopic diagnoses are made and reported on the day following receipt of specimen.

Telephone Diagnoses:
At the request of any physician or at CRPL’s discretion some diagnoses may be telephoned for further discussion after the diagnosis is made.

Our pathology reports may be accessed via internet reporting upon completion, autofaxed and if requested, hard copies delivered via courier or mail.

IP Testing/Flow Cytometry
CRPL performs inhouse IP (immunoperoxidase stains). Flow cytometry is performed at our M Health Fairview St. Joseph Hospital Lab, overseen and read-out by our own hematopathologist.

CRPL provides a cordial and experienced business department and will bill either the hospital/clinic or direct bill the patient for our services.  All of our CRPL physicians are contracted with the majority of insurance carriers.  Our entire billing department as well as lab in entirety is HIPAA compliant.

Specimen Transport:
CRPL has a contracted courier service that is provided at our expense for pick up and delivery of your specimens and hard copy reports.

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