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Frequently Asked Questions:
Q 1)  How are slides and/or blocks requested for a second opinion?

A 1) Slides and/or block requests for the purpose of on-going treatment and/or second opinions may be requested by the facility requesting treatment/second opinion, the referring physician, or the patient.  Authorization forms for release of the slides/blocks can be printed from the CRPL web site under “Forms” or below. There are two forms.  Either form is acceptable.

    Requests cannot be processed until the completed and signed authorization form is received at CRPL.

   1)  Physician or Facility Second Opinion Request Forms: 

         - Print form “Request for Second Opinion/Slide Request”
         - Complete form.  Physician’s signature is required
         - Fax completed and signed form to 651-264-1646

    2) Patient Second Opinion Request Forms:

        - Print form “Authorization for Release of Information”
        - Complete form.  Signature of Patient/Guardian is required
        - Fax completed and signed form to 651-264-1646
        - Patient/Guardian may otherwise complete form upon personal pick-
up of materials requested. 

Q 2) How are the requested slides and/or blocks sent?

A 2)  Slides and/or blocks are sent by special courier, US mail, or Fed-Ex. 

    - If sent by FedEx, the FedEx billable account number must be provided by the facility requesting this service.

    Patients wishing to pick up requested materials may pick them up at  Central Regional Pathology, 2945 Hazelwood Street, Suite 310, Maplewood, MN 55109

    - If patient is picking up slides, photo ID is required

Q 3) How long does it take for slides and/ or blocks to be sent for second opinion?

A 3) If there are no unforeseen or extenuating circumstances:    

    - Slides/blocks requested to be sent to the Mayo Clinic (Rochester, MN) are usually sent by a Mayo Clinic courier within two business days of receipt of the request and delivered to Mayo Clinic within 24 hours.

    - All other slides/blocks will be sent by U.S. mail (unless otherwise                  requested) within one week of receipt of the request.   

Q 4) What is the procedure for amending or correcting a pathology report which inadvertently contains incorrect or incomplete documentation.

A 4)  An amendment (or revised) report is issued most often for the following reasons:

- Patient’s first or last name correction     - Referring physician(s) correction
- Patient’s date of birth correction   - Clinical information correction
- Date of procedure correction       - Specimen site correction
- Account name correction    - Gross, microscopic or diagnosis correction

    If an amendment is necessary:

- Print form “Request for Amendment/Correction of Health Information”
- Complete form.  Signature of person requesting amendment  is required
- Fax completed and signed form to 651-264-1646

Q 5)  How long does it take to receive an amended report after an amendment is requested?

A 5) An amendment will be issued and sent within 24 business hours after the Request for Amendment/Correction of Health Information form is received at  Central Regional Pathology  Laboratory. 

Q 6)  How long are reports kept on file at Central Regional Pathology Laboratory?

A 6) All reports, including surgical, hematology and autopsy reports are kept on file for 15 years. 

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